• Design of AI Product Experiences
    • In this module we will discuss approaches and tools to perform human-centered design, which is critical to designing successful AI products. We will then walk through the key challenges involved in the user experience design of AI products and how to resolve them.
  • Data Privacy and AI
    • In this module we will focus on data privacy as it relates to AI products. We will first cover best practices in ensuring user privacy and the relevant U.S. and international privacy laws to be aware of. We will then discuss how AI creates unique challenges in ensuring privacy and some of the methods and tools which can be employed to protect the privacy of user data.
  • Ethics in AI
    • In this module we will discuss the three main goals of ethical AI: fairness, accountability and transparency. We will identify common sources of bias in modeling projects and discuss approaches to detecting and mitigating bias, including organizational, process, and technical components.
  • Human and Societal Considerations
    • In this module we will begin with differentiating between human intelligence and artificial intelligence, and then examine ways that they can compliment each other. We will conclude the course by learning about approaches to encourage adoption and inspire trust among users in your model.