HTML and CSS Web Development Masterclass – Create your First Website

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HTML and CSS Web Development Masterclass
 is a Introductory course to Web development where i explain to you the main concepts of HTML language and relation with CSS, that leads you to perfect websites ()

 HTML is a power language that will help you develop mobile application,  websites, and work with other languages like JavaScript or PHP that allow you to create dinamic pages.  

Why join this course?

This course will help to learn the basics of HTML, HTML5 and CSS, and is intended for users who have little or no knowledge of HTML and who wish to acquire the basic concepts of this language.

Having a good understanding of HTML is one of the main keys to develop websites content, and in this short course you will learn the basics of the language.

After completing this class you are able to create a static content page for in the future deepen your knowledge of HTML as well as learn the first concepts of CSS.

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Good Luck!! 

What you will learn in this class: 

  • Choice of code editor

  • HTML document structure
  • HTML(5) elements and attributes

  • Paragraph creation and text formatting

  • Insert comments

  • Creation of tables and lists to display data in differents formats

  • Hyperlinks to connect to other pages  and "jump" to internal page contents

  • Creation of Forms

  • Use of images and multimedia a webpage (video and audio)

  • Create a Youtube playlist

  • Understand use of CSS to style pages

  • Basic CSS syntax

  • Use of CSS box model and some CSS properties to style your webpage

  • Use of Classes and Id selectors

  • Understand importance and how box model works

  • Define Block and Inline Elements

  • Position Elements in different points of the page to create a layout structure

  • Width and Height properties

  • Position property

  • Float and Clear properties

  • Relative and absolute Units

  • #Project - Web Gallery Creation
  • #Project - Webpage Form


What is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for beginners in the world of technology  and web development

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