HPV-Associated Oral and Throat Cancer: What You Need to Know

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  • CME Information and Accreditation
  • Introduction
  • Module I: HPV-associated Throat Cancer: An Epidemic
    • This module describes the nature of the Human Papillomavirus and the effect of a viral infection. The module explains the emerging epidemic and its impact on the development of throat cancer. The module concludes with the current state of population awareness and the impact that erroneous information can have on the spread of disease and the risk of malignancy.
  • Module II: HPV Risk Factors and Clinical Presentation
    • This module describes the risk factors associated with transmission of HPV and the development of HPV-associated cancer. We will review how the virus is transmitted and malignant transformation. We will also explore the clinical presentation of HPV-associated throat cancer, early signs, and the clinical manifestations of advanced disease.
  • Module III: Management of HPV-associated Oropharyngeal Cancer
    • This module describes options for treating oropharyngeal throat cancer and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. In this module, we discuss the indications and contraindications for treatment.
  • Module IV: Prevention, Vaccination, and the Horizon

    • This module describes nature of HPV infection and techniques for preventing infection. This module reviews the nature of the HPV vaccine and its effectiveness. We also review indications for vaccination and commonly asked questions.

  • Activity Evaluation
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