How to Make a Comic Book (Project-Centered Course)

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  • Part 1 - Course Overview & Finding Your Great Idea
    • For the first week we will get you everything you need to know before starting to create your comic book. Then we will focus on idea creation for your comic story.
  • Part 2: Writing Your Comic Script
    • In part 2 we will be looking specifically at how to script your comic for publication
  • Part 3: Thumbnails
    • Part 3 will have us constructing thumbnail (aka small sketches) to plot out the look of our final comic book.
  • Part 4: Penciling & Lettering
    • Part 4 will have us concentrate on producing the actual pages of art for our comic by penciling and lettering our pages.
  • Part 5: Inking
    • Part 5 will have us creating the inks (aka the dark lines that will appear when copied) for our comic.
  • Part 6: Putting Your Comic Together & Course Wrap-up
    • Get ready to hit the comic conventions with your finished comic book copies!