How to Draw & Paint Animal Eyes in Watercolor

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Eyes are the window to the soul, in humans and animals alike. Join us in this class to learn the building blocks for creating evocative eyes that will help you paint more convincing animal portraits.

In this class, we will:

  • Briefly discuss the anatomy of the human eye
  • Discover important similarities and differences between human and animal eyes
  • Learn my method for drawing vertebrate animal eyes
  • Follow along in one or more class demonstrations

Students in this class may base their Class Projects on their own wants, needs, or goals. After watching the first portion of the class, students may choose one, some, or all of the four real-time demonstrations (a mammal, bird, reptile, and amphibian) for a class resulting in 40-120 minutes based on their specific preferences.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required, but basic watercolor knowledge is assumed for the painting portions of the class. The Cat and Peacock Demos are rather approachable for intermediate levels, while the Lizard and Toad Demos are more advanced in terms of painting skill.


"The Summer Ends in Rain" by Elisha David |