Homeland Security & Cybersecurity Connection – It’s Not About the Terrorists

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  • Module 1: Domestic Catastrophic Destruction
    • Homeland security is about safeguarding the United States from domestic catastrophic destruction. Domestic catastrophic destruction comes in two forms: natural and manmade. For most of history, the manmade variety came in the form of warfare and required the combined resources of a nation state. In this module we examine two pivotal incidents that changed that calculus, and demonstrated how destruction once reserved to the power of nation states was wrested by non-state actors.
  • Module 2: HS & DHS
    • This module tackles the question "what is homeland security", and offers a working definition to help guide the student to understanding. It also looks at the mission of the Department of Homeland Security as it relates to "Safeguarding the United States from Domestic Catastrophic Destruction". Also included in this module is course exam #1. Good luck!
  • Module 3: Safeguarding Against Domestic Catastrophic Destruction
    • Manmade domestic catastrophic destruction comes in two known forms: 1) weapons of mass destruction, and 2) subverting critical infrastructure. This module looks at the nation's overall strategy for countering WMD, and protecting critical infrastructure.
  • Module 4: Homeland Security and Cybersecurity
    • As stated previously, homeland security is connected to cybersecurity through critical infrastructure protection. How this insight came about and what is meant by "cybersecurity" are the focus of attention in this module. Also included in this module is course exam #2 and related project assignment. Good luck!