Home Science – Extension and Communication Management Level – 2

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Home Science is a discipline of study that focuses on the management of human and non-human resources for vertical and horizontal betterment of the society i.e individuals and families and homes and communities. The fundamental objective of Home Science extension education is the ‘development of the people’ or ‘the destination man’. The general objectives of extension education and communication management include
1. To assist people to discover and analyze their problems, their felt and unfelt needs.2. To develop leadership among people and help them in organizing groups to solve their problems.3. To disseminate information based on research and the practical experience, in such a manner that the people would accept it and put it into actual practice.4. To keep the research workers informed of the people’s problems from time to time, so that they may offer solutions based on necessary research.
Rationale for developing this Course

The core courses planned under the programme with a strong foundation for the two aspects of Extension and Communication. The issues of national concern are reflected in the curriculum with a focus on linking women and children to mainstream national development programmes. It will orient the students to the socio-cultural and economic environment of rural, urban and semi urban communities. The course will prepare a cadre of professionals to work with governmental and non-governmental organisations in various capacities. It will enhance self-employment potential through entrepreneurial skill training by developing competency in the preparation of participatory and innovative communication strategies for the dissemination of vital information to vulnerable sections of the population. The course gives an insight how to channelise the potential to become development Media specialists with an orientation to Development Journalism, Media Research and sensitivity to the vast heritages and oral traditions of the country. It also helps to develop skills in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating various programmes in the developmental sector.
The specific objectives of the course are to
Develop the basic knowledge of

  • Communication process in development
  • Print, Electronic and Advertisement & Visual publicity
  • Research and documentation
  • Adult/ Non formal Education
  • Programmes for rural and urban development

Career opportunities:

  • Specialists in international developmental planning organizations
  • Extension officers, Agents and Public Relation Officers in Government Departments
  • Executives in Women welfare & Child development,
  • Rural Development,
  • Social welfare and
  • Non government institutions
  • Information and Public Relations

In the field of Media
  • ICT module designers for community education, especially rural women, adolescent girls and children.
  • Event managers
  • Free lancer journalists
  • Public Relation Officers in corporate schools, hospitals and non-government organizations.
  • Social marketing managers