History and Origins of Women’s Writing

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Explore the back-stories of some of the earliest examples of women’s writing

Learn about the features of women’s writing, including the ways women adopt, adapt, and challenge broader literary traditions.

Many of the greatest books in history are written by women. Often in times and societies that denigrated or outlawed women’s literacy. Come on a journey with us to uncover the fascinating story behind the stories. Explore the historic female lens and the ways in which women’s writing has influenced many facets of our modern literary landscape.

Together we’ll look at not only the poster girls of women’s literature like Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and the Bronte sisters, but also at hidden voices and women of historic importance that you may not have heard of before. Get inspired to fill your reading list with fantastic books destined to become your future favourites.

This is the first of four courses that make up the University of Newcastle Women’s Writing program. This course explores the conditions under which women wrote and published as well as how their works were received by their first readers. It provides opportunities to collaborate while discovering key issues and debates in contemporary scholarship on women’s writing.

This course is for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of women’s contributions to literature.