Hire to Retire Process in the Intelligent Enterprise

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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our personal lives and the future of work. It has also catapulted the topic of digital transformation to the top of the priority list for virtually every organization in the world. SAP’s strategy to focus and double down on delivering the Intelligent Enterprise is therefore incredibly timely. One of the key processes of an Intelligent Enterprise is the HR business process of recruit to retire, which traverses multiple SAP business applications. It has now taken on an added importance as companies look to continue to adapt and be hyper-vigilant on issues such as business continuity of end-to-end HR processes, security, and identity management of remote workers, while threading the needle on employee health and wellness, engagement, and overall productivity.

In this course, you’ll learn about SAP’s overall Intelligent Enterprise strategy and how it relates to Human Experience Management (HXM) and the end-to-end recruit-to-retire business process, including the three sub-processes of hire to retire, travel to reimburse, and external workforce management. We’ll dive into details of the hire-to-retire business process blueprint and cover all the integrations and innovations we have delivered in 2020, including the harmonization of the Suite qualities.

Join us, take the learnings and apply them to your unique company needs. Chart a path towards becoming an Intelligent Enterprise and be the best run businesses in your industry.