Heat Transfer

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Week 1: Physical Origins and Rate Equations, Units and Dimensions, Relevance, Analysis of Heat Transfer Problems: Methodology,
Introduction to Conduction, The Conduction Rate Equation, The Thermal Properties of Matter,
Week 2: The Heat Diffusion Equation, Boundary and Initial Conditions, One-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction, The Plane Wall, Radial Systems,
Week 3: Conduction with Thermal Energy Generation, Heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces, Introduction to Two-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction
Week 4: Transient Conduction, The Lumped Capacitance Method, The Plane Wall with Convection, Radial Systems with Convection, The Semi-Infinite Solid
Week 5: The Convection Boundary Layers, Local and Average Convection Coefficients, Laminar and Turbulent Flow, Thermal Boundary Layer Equations
and Similarity, The Normalized Boundary Layer Equations, Boundary Layer Analogies
Week 6: External Flow, Convection Calculations, The Flat Plate in Parallel Flow, The Cylinder in Cross Flow, Flow Across Banks of Tubes
Week 7: Internal Flow, Laminar Flow in Circular Tubes: Thermal Analysis and Convection Correlations for Turbulent Flow in Circular, Non-Circular and Concentric Tube Annulus
Week 8: Free Convection, The Governing Equations for Laminar Boundary Layers, Laminar Free Convection on a Vertical Surface, The Effects of Turbulence, Empirical Correlations for External Free Convection Flows and Within Parallel Plate Channels, Combined Free and Forced Convection
Week 9 : Boiling and Condensation, Boiling Modes, Forced Convection Boiling, Condensation - laminar and Turbulent Film in Different Geometries, Dropwise Condensation
Week 10: Heat Exchangers, The Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient, Heat Exchanger Analysis: Use of the Log Mean Temperature Difference, Heat Exchanger Analysis: The Effectiveness–NTU Method, Heat Exchanger Design and Performance Calculations
Week 11: Radiation, Fundamental Concepts, Blackbody Radiation, Absorption, Reflection, and Transmission by Real Surfaces,Kirchhoff’s Law, The Gray Surface
Week 12: Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces - The View Factor, Blackbody Radiation Exchange, Radiation Exchange Between Opaque, Diffuse, Gray Surfaces in an Enclosure, Radiation Exchange with Participating Media