Healthcare Marketplace Capstone

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  • Welcome and Getting Started
    • The capstone project provides learners with the opportunity to apply the key principles and practices presented in the four courses of the Healthcare Marketplace specialization to a real-world situation. In this first module, learners will get acquainted with the overall expectations of this capstone course.
  • Milestone 1: What is your Health Marketplace Innovation?
    • In this Milestone you will describe a new medical innovation in the context of what makes it extraordinary for investment or use in a community. Your final project for this capstone will feature 4 critical milestone components for an assessment of new innovation. Once completed, hope is that you have a body of illustrate your critical thinking to advance your career or switch careers into the healthcare market.
  • Milestone 2: What is the Voice of the Healthcare Provider?
    • For the second milestone you will complete an analysis of what the key customer - the medical provider - will required of the new technology or innovation to want to use it. This will require you to ask medical providers that you encounter about the nature of the technology and whether would find it of value. Remember to always tell provider that you are a student not a sales agent. The health care delivery course provides great insight into how care is delivered and will provide the context and background for your brief 2-3 page memo resulting from this milestone.
  • Milestone 3: Regulatory and IP Status of the Innovation
    • Almost any new medical technology for consideration by an investor will insist on safety and efficacy approval by a government regulator like the United States FDA. Furthermore they will insist on an assessment of whether the intellectual property (IP) that the innovation operates in is not conflicting with other IP claims. For this milestone you will complete a brief assessment of how the innovation would be classified by the US FDA as well as generate a very cursory patent search for conflicting IP claims using common and free tools on the Internet such as Google patent search and the US Patent and Trademark office web site. The assessment should be 2-3 to pages in length.
  • Milestone 4: How will the Innovation Generate Revenue?
    • A great innovation needs a solid revenue model for survival-ability. In this milestone you will be asked to use parts of the prior three capstones to generate your own market report. Identifying the innovation's market space, voice of the customer, IP and regulatory path and final path roof reimbursement are critical components for identifying whether a medical innovation should advance and be sustained commercially.
  • Submitting the Final Project
    • The previous modules have focused on developing and getting constructive feedback on the major elements of the capstone project. In this module, the learner should use all of that feedback to submit a final version of the project that will be graded by other learners. Learners must also grade other projects which will expose them to challenges and solutions in contexts different from their own.
  • Reflection and Congratulations
    • The work is now done! This short module provides an opportunity for learners to reflect upon the specialization, and to be congratulated on their success by the instructional team.