Health Systems Development: Introduction to Health Systems

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  • Introduction to Health Systems
    • This week you will learn about what is meant by health systems through Identifying key components of well-functioning health systems, and the importance of the interplay between the six building blocks listed in the WHO Building Blocks framework . You will also learn about the differences between health system functions, how to distinguish between various health financing models, and the impact of health system organisation on health seeking behaviour.
  • Health Systems Governance
    • This week you will learn about health system governance and priority setting. You will also learn how health priorities are determined in various health systems around the world, and get a chance to appreciate the challenges facing good health system governance.
  • Health Systems Performance Assessment
    • This week you will learn about health system performance assessment. You will learn how to evaluate the extent to which a health system meets its key objectives through learning how to Identify components of health system performance assessment and applying health system performance assessment tools.
  • Universal Health Coverage
    • This week you learn what is meant by universal health coverage (UHC), and how taking steps towards UHC means steps towards equity, development priorities, and social inclusion and cohesion. You will also learn about examples from across the globe whereby countries are implementing reforms to advance universal health coverage.