Health Systems Development: Health systems, Policy and Research

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  • Health Impact Assessment
    • This week you will learn about health impact assessment, what that means in terms of assessing the health impacts of policies, plans and projects, and how that helps decision-makers make choices about alternatives and improvements to prevent disease or injury and to actively promote health.
  • Health Impact Assessment Exercise
    • This week you have the opportunity reflect on what you've learned earlier, particularly the enablers and barriers faced by public health specialists when conducting a health impact assessment, as you apply a theoretical framework for assessing the health impacts of policies, plans, and projects and design a health impact assessment based on provided data.
  • What is health systems policy and research?
    • This week you will focus on how health systems can, and need to be, be resilient to adapt to the changing health landscape. Attention will be on the role of health policy and systems research to tackle these issues.
  • The role of health policy and systems research in global health
    • This week the focus will be on your potential perspective roles as future health systems researchers and how you can influence change. You will have the opportunity to discuss the relevance and importance of health policy and system research in informed decision making and reflect on your role and responsibility as a public health specialist/ health systems researcher.