Health, Society, and Wellness in COVID-19 Times

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  • An Orientation to Health, Society, and Wellness in COVID-19 Times
    • This course was originally designed with undergraduates who are just beginning college in mind. They are unique in starting college during the COVID-19 pandemic and are encountering a world unlike any other generation. These challenges make starting college complicated in unprecedented ways, and this course was designed to help them navigate this world and these new conditions for learning with knowledge and skill.
  • Mental Health and Well-Being in COVID-19 Times
    • The ways we connect with others have been dramatically disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For our safety, we must remain physically distant from others, and across this module we learn how to stay connected to others and ourselves.
  • The Public Health Response and Transmission of the COVID-19 Virus
    • We hope that this module will first allow you to be an informed consumer of public health guidance and reflect on the context of public health challenges and actions that impact our lives as members of your community, the country, and the world. Second, we hope this module will equip you to think critically about models that are shared by media or public agencies as well as about how actions by and characteristics of individuals and communities can impact the future course of COVID-19.
  • Social Inequities and COVID-19
    • Module Four asks learners to thoughtfully consider the social inequities perpetuated by the COVID-19 pandemic.