Hands-On Labs in Google Cloud for Networking Engineers

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  • Welcome to Networking in Google Cloud: Hands-On Practice
    • In this module, you'll learn about how to interact with this course. The videos expose you to common approaches for understanding and conducting network performance testing and troubleshooting in Google Cloud. These are essential tools for understanding and maintaining your production network infrastructure in Google Cloud
  • Configuring Networks via gcloud
    • In this lab you use gcloud to create two custom VPC networks with subnets, firewall rules, and VM instances, then test the networks' ability to allow traffic from the public internet.
  • Network Performance Testing
    • In this lab, you perform basic networking tasks on Google Cloud, including Compute Engine instances. You will learn also how Google Cloud might differ from an on-premises setup.
  • Improving Network Performance I
    • In this lab, you read through some real-world scenarios, re-create the environments, and improving the performance of some troubled networks.
  • Improving Network Performance II
    • In this lab, you read through some real-word scenarios, re-create the environments, and work on improving network performance using load balancers and other Google Cloud products. You will also increase the window size to improve bandwidth.
  • Building a High-throughput VPN
    • In this lab, you create a secure, high-throughput VPN and test its speed.