Green Watercolor Landscapes for Beginners – in 2 styles

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Mixing greens for landscapes can be overwhelming. Especially when you have too many choices on your palette. Using the colours directly from the paint sets could lead to bright and artificial looking landscapes and on the other hand, mixing too many colours makes the painting muddy and dull. It took me a while to realise that we don't need too many colours to paint a light filled green landscape. In this class we'll be using very few colours to make our own natural looking green landscapes, in 2 different styles. One is a simple landscape on a summer day and then we dive a little deeper and paint a rice field from Bali.

We go through all the steps to paint both the landscapes in a relaxed pace, without speeding up any part of the class, talking about painting cloudy skies, trees, bushes and grass and trying to not overwork on our painting.