Google Slides

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  • Course Introduction
    • This module covers the agenda. It also introduces students to On the Rise and the course business challenge.
  • Introduction to Google Slides
    • In this module, we will open Google Slides and explore the options available to you for creating a new presentation.
  • Manage Google Slides
    • Google Slides can contain many different types of content, including text, images, and videos. In this module we’ll explore some of the ways you can create and manage slides using the formatting tools available.
  • Enhance Google Slides
    • Using visuals to tell your story is a great way to capture your audience, summarize information, illuminate processes, and highlight key findings. With Google Slides, you have the option of adding shapes, tables, images, charts, and more. You can also add transitions and animations. In this module, we’ll look at some of the enhancements available in Google Slides.
  • Organize Google Slides
    • There are many ways to speed up your workflow when working with Google Slides. In this module, we’ll look at some of the options, including duplicating and ordering your slides, importing existing slides, copying slides, and hiding (or skipping) slides.
  • Share your Google Slides
    • In this module, we will look at the different ways to share your Google Slides presentations with others. We will discuss collaborator roles permissions, and you will learn how to track changes and manage versions of your presentations. We will also look at how you can publish your presentations to the web and Google Slides download options.
  • Collaborate with Google Slides
    • In this module we’ll discuss how to use comments effectively to support the development of your presentations. You’ll learn how to add comments to your slides, assign an action item, resolve a comment, and view the comment history.
  • Present Google Slides
    • Creating slides is only half of the story -- presenting them is the ultimate goal. In this module, we will talk about presenting your Slides.
  • Business challenge
    • In this module, you will put everything you have learned into practice by helping our fictional Google Workspace customer solve their business challenge.