Google SEO Capstone Project

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  • Getting Started and Milestone 1: Gauging a Site's Opportunity for Improvement
    • In this first milestone, you will identify an existing section of your (or outside) website by using your skills to gauge a website’s opportunity for improvement and higher ranking. Once you have selected a website, you will create an SEO pitch to internal stakeholders, or potential client, on why or how the website should be improved. Finally, you will develop a list of metrics that will help gather the information you need to begin to develop your SEO strategy to monitor and engage success. Let's get started!
  • Milestone 2: Initial Research Phase
    • In this milestone, you will focus on the initial research required to begin optimizing a website. This milestone has three main activities including developing a buyer persona, conducting keyword research, and performing competitive research. These activities will help you identify your target audience, frame your keyword research, and gain insight into your competition. The information you gather from this research process will help you develop a successful strategy for the website.
  • Milestone 3: Conducting a Content Audit and Technical Review
    • In this third milestone, you’ll examine the content of your competitors’ sites through a content audit to better position your own SEO campaign. You’ll also conduct an internal content audit to compare your site to those of your competitors and identify areas for improvement. Also in this milestone, you will develop a keyword matrix to help you determine which keywords should be assigned to specific pages on your site. In the final part of the milestone, you’ll perform a technical review of the site to identify any technical factors that may impact the ranking of the website. Each of these activities is critical to On-Page SEO.
  • Milestone 4: Presenting Your Findings
    • In this final milestone, you will develop a comprehensive presentation representing all the work you have done throughout the course. Using a standard outline, you’ll create one cohesive Word document and present your findings, analysis, and recommendations to your peers. The final presentation will also include a video in which you present your case to a potential client or employer outlining how your SEO strategy will improve ranking and business.