Google Drive

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  • Course Introduction
    • This module covers the agenda. It also introduces students to On the Rise and the course business challenge.
  • Introduction to Google Drive
    • In this module, we will introduce you to Google Drive and discuss its main uses. We will also talk about key differences between personal and shared drives.
  • Share with Google Drive
    • In this module, we will look at collaborator roles and permissions and what these mean for sharing with Google Drive.
  • My Drive
    • In this module, you will learn how to upload files and folders in My Drive and work across file types. We will also discuss how you can easily view, arrange, organize, modify, and remove files in My Drive.
  • Shared drives
    • Shared drives are shared spaces in Google Drive for sharing content with a team. In this module, we will look at how to organize, manage, and share folders and files using a Google shared drive.
  • Templates
    • To ensure consistency when creating content, and to save time when creating the same document repeatedly, you can create a template. In this module, we’re going to talk about creating and using templates and how to save and search for them in Google Drive.
  • Google Drive tools and options
    • Google Drive offers several additional tools, add-ons, and options that can be enabled in order to meet your needs. In this module, we will talk about some of these options, including offline viewing, Drive File Stream, and the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  • Business challenge
    • In this module, you will put everything you have learned into practice by helping our fictional Google Workspace customer solve their business challenge.