Google Cloud Product Fundamentals

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  • Welcome to Google Cloud Product Fundamentals
    • In this module, you'll meet your first instructor, learn about the course structure, and gain an overview of the content covered in the upcoming modules.
  • Module 1: Modernizing IT Infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • This module explores the value of modernizing a traditional company's IT infrastructure and the different ways business professionals can use public cloud providers to achieve their goals. It also explains how Google Cloud Platform (GCP) addresses common cyber security concerns and describes some of GCP's compute solutions and how they can bring value to an organization.
  • Module 2: Building Applications with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • The previous module looked at infrastructure modernization with GCP. This module explores modernizing and building applications with GCP. Applications need data, so this module also looks at key aspects of data storage and discusses different GCP storage and database services.
  • Module 3: Transforming business with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • This module explores what the term "machine learning" means. It looks the role of data to train machine learning models and the requirements for quality data, and then discusses common use cases for machine learning across a range of industries. Finally, it explains at how GCP can help with your machine learning projects.
  • Module 4: Transforming the way work gets done
    • Legacy tools limit people's ability to collaborate. This module investigates why collaboration is so transformative for the way people work and explores how G Suite can help you drive a collaborative culture within an organization. Finally, this module describes the impact of G Suite on both the individual and the overall organization with industry examples.
  • Module 5: Understanding cloud cost management
    • Financial planning and cost management procedures may change when an organization moves from an on-premises or to a cloud-based IT infrastructure or from single cloud to multi-cloud providers. This module explores the key changes, including looking at how to think about the total cost of ownership of your IT in various scenarios. Finally, it discusses GCP's recommended best practices for effective cloud cost management.
  • Summary
    • Find out about additional courses, resources, and professional services offered by Google Cloud that you can take advantage of.