Google Cloud Computing Foundation Course

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The Google Cloud Computing Foundations course aims to provide students with little to no background or experience in cloud computing, a detailed overview of concepts covering cloud basics, big data, and machine learning and where and how the Google Cloud Platform fits in.

The course involves understanding concepts and perform hands-on training (via Qwiklabs platform) to practice the learning

- Google may contact you by email to provision benefits and send surveys and other communication related to the Google Cloud Computing Foundations Course
- "By joining you agree to Google Cloud Training tracking your grades and other activity in it's learning program"


COURSE LAYOUT Week 0 : Introduction to the course
Week 1 : So, What's the Cloud anyway? Start with a Solid Platform
Week 2 : Use GCP to build your Apps
Week 3 : Where do I store this stuff?
Week 4 : There's an API for that! You can't secure the Cloud right?
Week 5 : It helps to network!
Week 6 : It helps to network (continued)
Week 7 : Let Google keep an eye on things. You have the data, but what are you doing with it?
Week 8 : Let machines do the work