Google Calendar

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  • Course Introduction
    • This module covers the agenda. It also introduces students to On the Rise and the course business challenge.
  • Introduction to Google Calendar
    • Google Calendar enables you to easily schedule meetings and events, get reminders about upcoming activities, and collaborate on shared calendars, so you always know what’s next. In this module you’ll learn how to open and navigate Google Calendar.
  • Manage Google Calendar
    • Google Calendar makes it easy to set up events and share information. In this module we’ll explore how to schedule events, add video conferencing with Google Meet, attach documents from Google Drive, and set visibility and notifications.
  • Respond to and manage events
    • With Google Calendar, you can easily reply to event invitations and manage the events that you create. This module explores how the features of Google Calendar allow you to update events, check guest attendance, delete and restore events, and search Google Calendar.
  • Other event types
    • Google Calendar offers multiple ways to help you enhance your productivity and communicate about scheduling more effectively. In this module we’ll cover how to use other event types and features including out of office, reminders, tasks, and appointment slots.
  • Sharing calendars
    • Google Calendar is designed for collaboration. This module explores how to share your schedule with others and create and manage multiple calendars that you and your team can use together.
  • Customize Google Calendar
    • Google Calendar allows you to adjust settings to match the way you work. Now that we’ve covered the key features of Google Calendar, we’ll look at how to customize it further using a few of the different settings available.
  • Business challenge
    • In this module, you will put everything you have learned into practice by helping our fictional Google Workspace customer solve their business challenge.