Going Beyond the Logo: Boosting Brand Identity With an Effective UI

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If you are a graphic designer, an art director, or if you simply want to learn how to give a digital boost to the brand identities you design, this is the class for you!

As you of course know, being online for a brand is nowadays almost taken for granted, but what if the digital presence doesn’t communicate with the physical one? What if a new customer is given a wrong first impression of a valuable brand, just because their website doesn’t follow any good design rules?

In this class I’ll ask you to think about a visually well-defined character (an artist, a historical figure, a cartoon - it could be anyone!), and I’ll guide you through a complete overview of what you need to know in order to build an effective digital brand identity to promote him/her.

We’ll understand which are the strongest visual elements to consider, how to transform them in a unique and outstanding digital system, and how to place them within a UI flow. We’ll learn to design a proper icon set, to have a correct typographic approach, to integrate interactions and to build guidelines for your colleagues to follow. All these skills will gather into the design of a great homepage for your character’s website.

At the end of the class I’ll ask you to upload an image of your final work and share it with other students, imagining they will be the people in charge of designing the other pages of your website: will they be able to take your work and develop it in the right way?