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  • Course Introduction
    • This module covers the agenda. It also introduces students to On the Rise and the course business challenge.
  • Introduction to Gmail
    • In this module, you’ll be introduced to Gmail and learn how to access it through your browser. You’ll also learn how to send email, manage Gmail conversations, and explore some common actions that can be taken on your messages.
  • Organize your email
    • Labels in Gmail allow you to organize messages based on different contexts. In this module you will learn how to create and manage labels, and how to apply them to your messages.
  • Gmail integration
    • In this module you will learn how Gmail integrates with other Google Workspace apps to help make you more productive and effective.
  • Protect your Inbox
    • Gmail provides many ways to protect your Inbox. In this module you will explore how Gmail automatically protects you and how you can customize settings to ensure that you are only receiving the content you need.
  • Contacts
    • In this module you’ll explore how to effectively use contacts in Gmail. We’ll discuss the differences between directory and personal contacts, and you will learn how to create and manage your own personal contacts and groups.
  • Manage Gmail settings
    • This module explores unique features in Gmail that are designed to save you time and improve your productivity. You will learn how to create your own Gmail signatures, email templates, out of office alerts, and more.
  • Become more productive with Gmail
    • In this module you’ll learn how to personalize your Gmail experience and use features to enhance your productivity and speed up your workflow. You’ll explore how to create filters, search for messages, delay the sending of messages until a specified time, use keyboard shortcuts, apply different Inbox types, and enable desktop notifications.
  • Business challenge
    • In this module, you will put everything you have learned into practice by helping our fictional Google Workspace customer solve their business challenge.