Globalisation in Business: International Business and Global Market Entry Strategies

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Find out what to consider when expanding a business internationally

This short, 2-week course offers you the opportunity to explore why companies expand internationally and discover effective global market entry strategies.

Explore the challenges of globalisation in business

In our interconnected world, we can’t escape globalisation. But what is it and how does it affect business?

On this course, you’ll consider the pros and cons of globalisation. You’ll explore the differences between domestic and international business markets and consider why businesses may look to expand to service new geographies and markets.

Familiarise yourself with international business strategy and global market entry strategies

As you uncover the importance of international business and globalisation, you’ll be introduced to international business strategies, models, and techniques that businesses may implement when taking their services to new geographies.

You’ll find out what a PESTLE environmental analysis is and learn how this framework can be used by businesses to analyse and track the international macro-environment of a new market.

You’ll also discover how to undertake an industry structure analysis, as well as identify the potential of a particular market and how to enter it successfully.

This course is designed for undergraduate students and professionals who are keen to build their knowledge of international business and enhance their careers.

Please note that the individuals detailed in the ‘Who will you learn with?’ section below, are current staff members and may be subject to change.