Global Studies: The Future of Globalization

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Understand opposition to globalization

Globalization is a process that no human being can speed up, slow down or stop. But that doesn’t mean people won’t try.

Governments and citizens across the world either try and benefit from globalization (and try to limit its negative effects) or try to avoid it.

On this course you’ll learn about some of the reasons why people are either pro or anti globalization. You’ll discover why some governments and countries choose boundaries and demarcation and others choose integration.

Ce cours peut être entièrement suivi en français. Des traductions françaises sont disponibles, les discussions se déroulant sur un forum francophone.

Comprendre pourquoi certains go.

  • Those with some background in international studies, and possibly those who have followed Global Studies: Cultures and Organizations and Global Studies: Risks and Threats in International Relations
  • Those who who would like selected, organized readings about current events.
  • Any B.A. level in these fields is an asset; it is not at all required.
  • Every learner unhappy with simple truths is welcome.
  • If you are taking this course as part of the Global Studies: International Relations and World Politics program for credit, you will be expected to spend 10 hours per week studying this course. If you are not taking the course for credit, 6 hours per week is expected for basic understanding.
  • Read an Introduction to the Global Studies Programme