Global Impact: Business Ethics

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Global business ethics is the study and analysis of how ethics and global business are connected. How we should treat each other and our organizations in global and local contexts is the topic of this course. Business ethics and corporate responsibility are inherent in global commerce. Commerce is about markets, and markets entail exchanges between people and groups of people. So commerce is about human relationships, and indeed, it could not be otherwise.

One of the important challenges in global business is working out the extent of these obligations in the interrelationships between businesses and the particular local cultures in which that business operates. The ethical issues arising from these engagements, the kinds of values-based considerations out of which an organization negotiates with local concerns, and how an organization can be both an enabler of economic value-added while respecting cultural differences will be topics of this course.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:
• Become morally sensitive to ethical dilemmas in global commerce
• Identify ethical issues in global business
• Master stakeholder analysis
• Address issues from more than one point of view
• Use a well-reasoned process by which to arrive at ethically-defensible decisions
• Evaluate good and weak arguments
• Defend your conclusions

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