Global Health and Disability

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Discover the global importance of ensuring social policy is inclusive

Disability rights are a key global health and international development issue.

1 billion people, 15% of the world’s population, live with disability health conditions. Numbers are rising.

People with disabilities are often overlooked in international development, facing widespread barriers in accessing services, including health and rehabilitation services, even where simple social inclusion measures could be taken.

On this course, experts at LSHTM will help you to understand the importance of caring for the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities in the context of global development.

This global health course from the LSHTM is designed for anyone with a professional or personal interest in disability and disability rights.

The course is also suitable for anyone interested in how social policy can ensure rights and inclusion for those with disability health conditions will find the course interesting.

There is a particular focus on low and middle-income countries, both in course content and target learners.