Global Environmental Management

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  • WEEK/MODULE 1: Global Trends
    • In the first week we will set the stage for the next weeks. This week presents some of the global trends that influence our environment and the living conditions. We will in particular look at Sustainable development, demography, various aspects of urbanization, climate change and environmental Health. In addition to the videos produced for this course, see also the IPCC AR5 Synthesis Report as this is also part of the exam.
  • WEEK/MODULE 2: Environmental Management
    • This week we look into different management systems and approaches that are used around the world. Management styles and systems are implemented depending on various factors like culture, history and physical layout of the country. We will see it from general introductions and look at three case presentations.
  • WEEK/MODULE 3: Utility Management
    • This week we look in how the various utilities manage the environment. We will e.g. look at how the general water supply, waste water systems and solid waste are managed and how other pollution sources are regulated.
  • WEEK/MODULE 4: Technologies for the Built Environment
    • In week 4 we look at some of the current environmental technologies that are particularly effective in carrying out their purpose and in an environmental friendly way. We look at how we choose among different technologies and study storm water technologies, urban water supply and solid waste handling.
  • WEEK/MODULE 5: Other Technologies
    • In the last week we look at the environmental technologies that are not part of the regular urban water systems. We will in particular focus on technologies for sustainable soil management, groundwater protection methods and integrated Water resources management.