Global Disease Masterclass: Global Disease Distribution

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  • Introduction to Disease Masterclass: Disease Distributions and Trends
    • This module will look at the most important trends and patterns in health and disease around the world. You will see that health has improved enormously over time overall, but that these gains have been unequally distributed both between and within countries.
  • Disease Estimates
    • This module will look at exploring different health data sources and how we estimate statistics for specific diseases. You will also learn how disease estimates are generated.
  • Measuring disease
    • This module will consider the different metrics for evaluating health. You will also learn what DALYs are and why they are a useful metric for measuring diseases.
  • Disease Frameworks
    • This final module will step back and consider what factors may underpin the patterns of health and disease that have been examined in this course. As well as things that directly affect the risk of diseases, there are deeper factors that make some people more likely than others to be exposed to those risk factors. This leads to an introduction to the distinction between direct and structural interventions – a theme that is returned to in other courses in this specialisation.