Global Biosecurity for One Health

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Discover the environmental, economic and social impacts of pests and diseases.

In a world where global trade and human movement is increasing, pests and diseases pose a major threat to agriculture, trade and the environment. Biosecurity is central to the management of these threats.

In this course, you will learn from experts in a country that is at the forefront of biosecurity research and practice. However, it is not just the involvement of experts that is important. You will be asked to consider your role and the shared responsibility of communities, industry and governments in protecting against pests and diseases.

This course is part of our Study with Australia collection, with free upgrades and digital certificates supported by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission until 30 June, 2020. Explore more courses from leading Australian education providers.

The course is aimed at those who are interested in developing their knowledge and skills around protecting human, animal and environmental health.