Global Arctic

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  • Introduction to the MOOC
    • This first week aims to overlook the different effects of the climate change in the Arctic. And vice-versa, we will introduce and evaluate the effects of a warmer Arctic on the rest of the planet. Besides, lectures will raise consequences on the biodiversity and negative outcomes with pollutants in the Arctic region.
  • WEEK 2 Arctic resources and the quest for them
    • In this second week, lecturers will expose various types of Arctic resources. Indeed, this week will highlight different resources exploited (fisheries, mining and so on) and the rush for new ones including tourism and O&G.
  • WEEK 3 The evolving image and significance of the Arctic from early colonization to the ultimate industrial frontier
    • This third week will tackle historical perception of the Arctic in the frame of the Anthropocene era. From early colonization under the Viking rule until the Chinese Polar Silk Road project, lectures will guide you through this evolving and transforming image and significance to the world.
  • WEEK 4 Actors and governance in the Arctic
    • Lectures in this fourth week will introduce the different stakeholders shaping the Arctic governance. Overall, lecturers will highlight the interdependency between the Arctic and the global governance and how it interact each other.