Glass In Buildings : Design And Applications

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The field of Building Envelope Design & Construction has become a specialized field with several codes emphasizing energy efficiency to buildings both on mandatory and voluntary basis. Glass is one of the energy efficient materials that lend aesthetic and functional value to a building. Glass being extensively used in buildings, whereas the fields aligning including the right selection, analysis, design including facade design and consulting is tremendously facing lack of knowledge and competent professionals across the country.This course on 'Glass in Buildings: Design and Applications' will holistically cover the critical aspects of glass facade engineering and glass architecture & design

INTENDED AUDIENCE:Any interested audience
PREREQUISITES: Elective for third Year Civil Engineering and fourth year Architecture students.
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Structural Glass Industry/ Building Façade Industry



Modern Architectural Requirements
  • Requirements as per Standards – NBC – Fire & Structural
How to design a Sustainable Building
  • Building Physics
  • Green Buildings Requirements
  • Codal Recommendations – ECBC/IS
  • Segment Based Design
Manufacturing of glass
  • Types of Glass
  • Coating Technology – High Performance Glass
  • Innovative Applications – Electrochromic & Digital Printing
  • Tempering/ Double glazing/ Lamination
  • Printing on Glass
Glass as Building Envelope Material
  • Glass Parameters
  • Façade Fundamentals
  • Façade Design & Testing
  • How to Design Façade for Daylighting & Energy efficiency – Modeling
  • Design Tools & Simulation Software's used for Design
  • How to understand high performance glass
  • Glass for Acoustics, Fire & Interior applications
  • Glass for Safety & Security
Case Studies
  • On Design & Detailing
  • Application Impact
  • Building Measurements & its Impact