Giving 2.0: The MOOC

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  • Introduction to Philanthropy
    • Learners will examine how to approach their giving in

      new ways, why they have given historically and how

      they – through strategy and planning – can give in a

      way that matters more.
  • Philanthropic Strategy
    • The goal of this module is to study the tools used to

      craft a philanthropic strategy. Learners will be guided

      through issue area selection, the theory of change

      framework, how to assess a social or environmental

      issue’s landscape and how to pick a high-impact

      intervention strategy.
  • Nonprofit Selection and Assessment
    • This module will empower learners to efficiently assess any nonprofit through a variety of tools, metrics and perspectives. Course participants will learn how to research and engage with nonprofits, as well as conduct a comprehensive nonprofit assessment.
  • Taking Stock
    • Learners will reflect on all of the resources they can access and/or deploy in order to realize their full giving potential.
  • Giving with Greater Meaning
    • This module centers on discovering the many, diverse ways course participants can leverage their unique philanthropic resources to create the impact they want to have. We have numerous guest speakers sharing their expertise in this module – review the lessons that interest you before moving on to module 6.
  • Philanthropy – the Never-Ending Gift
    • Learners will take stock of their progress over the

      course and learn how to stay connected with the

      course content and their fellow course participants

      moving forward.