GIS Foundations

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Week 1: Introduction to GIS

  • What is GIS?
  • History of GIS
  • GIS applications and geography
  • GIS data types (point, line, polygon, raster)
  • GIS file types (File Geodatabase, Feature Class, Shapefile, Table, GeoTiff)

Week 2: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro Software

  • ArcGIS Pro (license and installation)
  • ArcGIS Pro orientation and best practices
  • Create/edit vector and raster GIS data
  • Data properties and attribute table
  • Coordinate system and map projection

Week 3: Spatial Analysis

  • Getting started with geoprocessing tools
  • Measure distance, area, elevation, and time
  • Analysis of points, lines, and polygons data
  • Network analysis

Week 4: GIS Map Making

  • Mapping: Create your first GIS map
  • Create graphs/charts