Getting Started with Digital Marketing

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Learn how to plan and design a successful digital marketing strategy

This three-week digital marketing course will teach you all you needed to know about digital marketing through dynamic video presentations and practical learning activities.

You’ll cover the main basic concepts, techniques, and skills required in order to develop, plan and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

Identify the core principles and purpose of different digital marketing channels

To start off with, you’ll identify the core principles and purpose of digital marketing and will decipher the key considerations for ensuring optimum performance across a range of different digital channels.

This will include the benefits of inbound channels (such as email and affiliate marketing) as well as outbound channels (such as display and video advertising).

You’ll then use the ‘buyer journey’ concept in order to understand how to engage an audience effectively, will distinguish between email strategies and will also decipher the key steps for setting up an effective social media marketing campaign.

Discover the role of Google Analytics in driving data-led decisions

You’ll then differentiate between the key components of search engine optimisation (SEO) and will identify different email strategies for acquiring and retaining customers.

You’ll also discover the value and importance of UX to users, the role of Google Analytics in driving data-led decisions and how to recognise key digital display advertising components and tactics.

Learn from digital marketing experts from the Digital Marketing Institute

Throughout the duration of the course, you’ll be learning from digital marketing experts at the Digital Marketing Institute; the proven global standard for digital marketing certification with 120,000+ members and over 20,000+ certified professionals.

This course is primarily designed for those in traditional marketing careers who are looking to update their skillset, recent marketing graduates, entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, anyone looking to pursue a career in digital marketing and those hoping to implement an up to date digital strategy for their company.