Getting Ahead in Health Services: Healthcare Management and Leadership Principles

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Acknowledging key differences between leadership and management practices

Want to know how to be a good leader and manager in health services? Explore the tools and techniques available with this self-paced course.

You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fundamental theories, concepts and principles of leadership and management practice, and discuss the difference between managers and leaders.

You’ll also find out how leaders and managers employ relevant skills and behaviours in global and cultural contexts.

Explore the difference between leadership and management

Can good leaders be developed? Is it possible to be a good leader and a bad manager? And what are the most effective – and ineffective – leadership styles and practices? This course will show you how effective leadership and management must go hand in hand, despite their differences.

Discover effective examples of leadership theories

As you delve into the history of leadership models and theories, such as contingency, situational and transformational leadership, You’ll study strong leaders in history. You’ll explore how leadership theories have developed over time, and pinpoint the relevant behaviours required of healthcare professionals.

Consider health leadership across countries and cultures

Culture has a strong impact on the expectations of leaders – it can impact leadership approach, skills required, and even how leaders present themselves in a professional context.

You’ll have the opportunity to review how leading works in different countries, and how that relates to the skills, qualities, and behaviours required by healthcare leaders.

This ExpertTrack is designed for students or healthcare professionals, administrators wishing to progress into middle or senior management roles, as well as policy makers, executives, consultants, and service providers in the health sector.