Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher

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  • Welcome & Orientation
    • In this introductory session, you’ll explore the difference between ‘organization’ and ’togetherness,’ survey your own strengths and weaknesses and draft a goal for completing the course.
  • Weekly Worksheet
    • The Weekly Worksheet helps teachers plan their lives for the next 5-7 days. This session introduces the worksheet, shows examples from real teachers, and asks learners to build their own.
  • Comprehensive Calendar
    • Calendars become comprehensive when they hold every important event and deadline in a teacher’s life. This session will show you how to build one.
  • Upcoming To-Do List
    • Here’s a secret: I hate post-it notes. This session will introduce the Upcoming To-Do List and provide a path toward ditching random lists and building one that you can always count on.
  • Weekly Round-Up
    • Now that you’ve created a weekly worksheet, comprehensive calendar and upcoming to-do list, this session shows you how they all work together. Get ready for the Weekly Round-Up.
  • Templates & Teacher Interviews
    • This session is full of optional resources you might want to explore. Download templates and watch great interviews from our teachers.