German I is meant to be an introduction to the German language and a basic orientation towards Germany (and to some extent Austria and Switzerland).Learning to understand and articulate oneself in day to day real life situations, and to begin to make sense of Germany as a cultural space are the overall objectives of the course. Serious learners should be able to grasp the basic sentence structure and build a goodfoundational vocabulary through this course.
INTENDED AUDIENCE:Anyone interested in learning elementary GermanPREREQUISITES: Nil.
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Companies / Organisations / Individuals having business / work with Germany, Austria and/or Switzerland



Week 1: Themes: Introducing oneself and others; Grammar: W questions, personal pronouns, simple sentence, verb conjugationWeek 2: Themes: hobbies, the week, numbers, the alphabet, months, seasons /Grammar : articles , plural, the verbs to have and to beWeek 3: Theme: In the city / naming places and buildings, means of transport, basic directions / Grammar : definite and indefinite articles; negation - kein and nicht; imperativeWeek 4: Themes: food, drink, family / groceries and meals / Grammar : the accusativeWeek 5: Theme: Everyday life, telling time, making appointments / Grammar :prepositions am, um, von..bis; modal verbs, possessive articlesWeek 6: Leisure activity, celebrations / Grammar: separable verbs, the accusative, past tense of to have and to beWeek 7: Contacts, writing letters / Grammar: dativeWeek 8: My apartment, rooms, furniture, colours / Grammar: changing prepositionsWeek 9: Professions / Grammar : perfect tenseWeek 10:Clothes / Grammar: perfect tense and dativeWeek 11:Health and the body / Grammar: the imperative and modal verbsWeek 12:Holiday and weather