Geotechnical Engineering II Foundation Engineering

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Broadly Geotechnical Engineering encompasses two distinct segments: Geotechnical engineering I (Soil Mechanics) and Geotechnical Engineering II (Foundation Engineering). Geotechnical Engineering I/Soil Mechanics deals with study of physical properties of soils, and the relevance of these properties as they affect soil strength, stability, and drainage. Geotechnical Engineering II/Foundation engineering deals with (i) selection of foundation type based on building site conditions and site constraints, (ii) determining size and reinforcement of the foundation and (iii) finally construction of foundation element. This course will focus on the second, Geotechnical Engineering II/Foundation Engineering. One week will be spent for quickly reviewing the soil mechanics and subsequently various topics of foundations will be covered. Although the objective is to select a safe and economical design, there is no unique design or method in foundation engineering. Therefore an attempt is made to connect the theoretical concepts with the practical aspects of foundation engineering. Every civil engineer has to learn basic principle of geotechnical engineering and its application through foundation engineering and both are core courses for civil engineering in every college/university across the globe. Every aspect of foundation as per GATE, Engineering Service and other important competitive Examination will be covered with great detail under this course.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Civil EngineeringPRE-REQUISITES : Soil Mechanics/Geotechnical Engineering IlINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Most of the Civil Engineering companies