Geosynthetics Testing Laboratory

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This course will show how to conduct the various types of tests used for geosynthetic testing. Each experiment of geosynthetic testing is presented with brief introduction covering the important details of the experiment, the theory and the purpose for which it is to be performed, followed by the detailed explanation of apparatus required, procedure and specimen calculations. These should enable students to compute the results of experiments very easily.

INTENDED AUDIENCE:Civil Engineering, Earth Science and Engineering Geology
UG/PG: UG and PG
PREREQUISITES: Basic Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering/ Geotechnical Engineering
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: 1.Larsen & Toubro 2. Reliance Infrastructure Limited 3.HCC 4.TATA Projects 5.AFCON 6.RITES LTD 7.GAMMON INDIA LTD 8.Simplex Infrastructure 9.IVRCL



Week 1 : Module 1 : Physical Properties: Introduction; Types of Geosynthetics; Functions; Mass per unit area, thickness, specific gravity…, Module 2: Mechanical Properties :…Tensile strength and trapezoidal tear strength; Tensile Modulus;

Week 2
: Module 2: Mechanical Properties : Drop cone test; Puncture resistance; Puncture resistance contd. and burst strength; burst strength contd. and Grab strength; Grab strength contd. and triaxial test.

Week 3 : Module 2: Mechanical Properties : Direct Shear and Pull-out test; Pull-out contd.; Sewn seam strength test…, Module 3: Hydraulic Properties : …Permittivity and transmittivity; transmittivity contd.; Apparent Opening size…, Module 4: Endurance Properties : …Abrasion test; Ultraviolet degradation and Gradient Ratio…, Module 5: Tests on Geofoam :…geofoam introduction

Week 4 : Module 5: Tests on Geofoam : Density of geofoam, Water absorption test, Compressive Properties; Compressive strength contd.; Compressive strength contd., Tensile properties; Tensile Properties contd., Flexural properties, and flammability