Geopolitics of Europe

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  • Week 1: The variable-geometry maps of the European territory : who and what determines/set the EU boundaries?
    • Within this session you'll discover that Europeans have created a great number of regional organisations such as the European Union, which is the most famous one.
  • Week 2 : The european integration, a pioneer political and territorial project
    • Within this session you'll understand that the European construction is based couldn't exist without going beyond nationalisms and power relationships.
  • Week 3 : The major outer challenges for europeans by 2050 : What is the impact of the world on the EU ?
    • Within this session we'll analize the European Union reactions when it has to face 21st century's serious economic and geopolitical crisis.
  • Week 4 : Europe in the world space : between power, influence ans marginalization
    • Within this session different criteria to asses the weigh of Europe in the world will be presented to you.
  • Week 5 : East-west VS north-south: the new dividing lines in Europe?
    • Within this session, we'll see which winning and loosing countries and regions in the process of European construction
  • Week 6 : Europe in the eyes of the world : perceptions and expectations with regard to the European Union in large regions of the global space and to the emerging countries
    • Within this session we'll discover Europe seen through non-Europeans' eyes
  • To go further: 2016 : The European Union crisis is getting more acute
    • In 2016, the European Union current affairs were troubled. The challenges analysed within the six sessions of the Mooc have become even more pronounced.
      These videos of analysis will allow you to integrate and to put these news into perspective along with the best experts.