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Week -1
W1D1 - Geology & its Perspective, W1D2 - Carrier in Geology, W1D3 - Rock Cycle, W1D4 - Structure and classification of the silicate minerals.Week - 2
W2D1 - Internal structure & chemical composition of various layers of the Earth, W2D2 - Interior of earth, W2D3 - Formation of crust and mantle, W2D4 -Formation of core - 01, WW2D5- Formation of core - 02,
Week - 3
W3D1 - Magma: definition, composition, types and origin; W3D2 - Forms of igneous rocks, W3D3 -Texture of igneous rocks - 01, W3D4 - Texture of Igneous rocks - 02, W3D5 -Texture of Igneous rocks - 03Week - 4
w4D1 - Structure igneous rocks, W4D2- Bowen Reaction Series and Reaction Principle, W4D3 - Crystallization of unicomponent and bicomponent (mix-crystals)
Week -5W5D1 - Igneous rocks, W5D2 - Intrusive igneous rocks, W5D3 -Mineralogical and chemical classification of igneous rocks
Week - 6W6D1. Detailed petrographic description of Granite, Granodiorite, Rhyolite, Syenite, Phonolite, Diorite, Gabbro, W6D2 - Mineralogical characteristics of acid igneous rocks and alkaline rocks, W6D3 - Mineralogical Characteristics of basic igneous rocks and ultramafic rocks.
Week - 7W7D1 - Origin of Sediments, W7D2- Processes of formation of sedimentary rocks, W7D3 - Lithification and Diagenesis, Sedimenatry rocks
Week - 8W8D1 - Classification of sedimentary rocks, W8D2 - Classification of sedimentary rocks based on grain size, W8D3 - Texture of sedimentary rocks, Structure of sedimentary rocks, W8D4 - Petrographic details of important siliciclastic and carbonate rocks such as - conglomerate, breccia, sandstone, greywacke, shale, limestonesWeek -9
W9D1 - Definition of metamorphism, W9D2 - Factors controlling metamorphism, Variables / agents and types / kinds of metamorphism – contact, regional, fault zone metamorphism, impact metamorphism, W9D3 -Types of metamorphism and classification based on metamorphic agent,
Week -10
W10D1 - Metamorphic facies and metamorphic grade,Index minerals, chemographic projection, graphical representation of metamorphic minerals assemblages; ACF, AKF and AFM etc, W10D3Metamorphic zones, isogrades and reaction isograde,
Week - 11
W11D1 -Concept of classification of metamorphic facies, facies-series and grade, W11D2 -Structure and texture of metamorphic rocks.Week -12
W12D1 - Description of facies; facies of low pressure: Albite epidote facies, W12D2 - Hornblende hornfels facies, W12D3 - Pyroxene hornfels facies, W12D4 - Sanidinite Facies.
Week -13W13D1- Description of facies; facies of medium to high pressure Zeolite facies, W13D2 - Green Schist Facies, W13D3 - Amphibolite facies, W13D4 - Ganulite Facies.
Week - 14W14D1 - Description of facies; facies of very high pressure. Blue schist , W14D2- Eclogite facies, W14D3 - Regional metamorphism of pelitic rocks - 1, W14D4 - Regional metamorphism of pelitic rocks - 2.
Week - 15W15D1 Basic and Ultrabasic rocks, W15D2 - Thermal metamorphism of pelitic rocks, W15D3 - Thermal metamorphism of calcareous rocks , W15D4 -Different types of Metamorphic reactions.
Week - 16W16D1 - Petrographic details of some important metamorphic rocks such as - slate, phyllite, schists, gneiss, quartzite, marble, charnockite, Leptynite etc, W16D2 - Migmatites, W16D3 - Metasomatism & Differentiation.