Geology – Metamorphic Petrology & Thermodynamics

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Week 1:
W1- Weekly Introduction, W1D1-Geology and it’s perspective, W1D2-Career in geology, W1D3-Silicate mineral classification, W1D4- Metamorphic petrology an Overview, W1D5-Assignments, W1D6-Weekly tests.

W2-Weekly Introduction, W2D1-Definition of metamorphism, W2D2-Limits of metamorphism, W2D3-Factor controlling metamorphism, W2D4-Assignment, W2D5-Assignment, W2D6-Weekly test.

W3-Introduction, W3D1-Types of metamorphism, W3D2–Zone of Metamorphism, W3D3–Grade of metamorphism, W3D4-Assignment, discussion and forum activities, W3D5-Assignment, discussion and forum activities and finally W3D6-Week test.

W4-Introduction, W4D1–Concept of metamorphic facies, W4D2–Type of metamorphic facies, W4D3–Metamorphic facies series, W4D4-Plate tectonic and metamorphic facies series, W4D5-Assignment, discussion and forum activities, and finally W4D6-Weekly test.

W5-Weekly Introduction, W5D1-Phase Rules, W5D2-Gibbs phase Rule, W5D3-Goldschmidt’s Mineralogical Phase Rule, W5D4-Phase diagram for metamorphic mineral assemblages, ACF diagrams. W5D5-Assignment, discussion and forum activities W5D6-Weekly test.

W6-weekly Introduction, W6D1–AKF diagram, W6D2–AFM Projection, W6D3–A’F’M’ diagram, W6D4–CaO-MgO-SiO2 & Al2O3-MgO-SiO2 diagrams, W6D5-Assignment, discussion and forum activities W6D6-Weekly test.

W7-Weekly Introduction, W7D1–Parent composition of metamorphic rocks, W7D2–Metamorphic Rocks & Their nomenclature, W7D3–Metamorphic reactions, W7D4–Schreinemakers Rules, W7D5-Assignment, discussion and forum activities W7D6-Weekly test.

W8-Weekly Introduction, W8D1-Facies of low pressure: Albite Epidote Hornfels Facies; W8D2-Hornblende - Hornfels Facies; W8D3-Pyroxene – Hornfels Facies, W8D4-Assignment and Interaction/Forum activity; W8D5-Assignment and Interaction/Forum activity, along with every day quiz, assignment, and finally W8D6-Weekly test.

W9-Weekly Introduction, W9D1-Sanidinite Facies; W9D2-Zeolite Facies; W9D3-Green Schist Facies, W9D4-Assignment and Interaction/Forum activity; W9D5-Assignment and Interaction/Forum activity, along with every day quiz, assignment, and finally W9D6-Weekly test.