Generative Design for Part Consolidation

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  • Review and Analyze a Complex Assembly
    • In Week 1, we’ll cover the exploration of a complex design created as an assembly of multiple components to identify improvements and compile information to build a generative design.
  • Set up a Generative Study
    • In Week 2, we’ll talk about setting up an unrestricted generative design study for multiple materials.
  • Select and Post Process an Outcome to Finalize a Design
    • In Week 3, we’ll focus on the post process tools needed after a generative outcome is created. We focus on the tools and features needed to clean up a design to ultimately get it ready for production.
  • Beneficial Knowledge for Working with Generative Designs
    • In Week 4, we’ll cover additional tools that benefit Generative Designs, but don’t apply to every case. We have covered a lot of information utilizing different workflows and use cases for Generative Design. Now we're going to focus additional energy to explore validation tools and some additional post processing tips.