Generative Design for Industrial Applications

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  • Working with an Initial Design
    • In Week 1, we’ll explore taking a design and identifying an optimal manufacturing method as well as the addition and creation of features for a specific manufacturing method.
  • Defining a Generative Setup and Reviewing Outcomes
    • In Week 2, we’ll overview the final setup of a generative design study, solving it, and the creation of a generative design outcome.
  • Reverse Engineering a Generative Design
    • In Week 3, we’ll focus on comparing an original design to a generative design. Using the generative design to make informed decisions about a design path and ultimately creating a new generative inspired design. We’ll also look at performing a static simulation to ensure our new design meets the criteria set in our generative design study.
  • Reviewing and Refining a Design
    • In Week 4, we’ll compare the three simulation study results and capture any pertinent design data that needs to be adjusted for a final design. Finally, we’ll explore the creation of images and exploded view drawings for manufacture.