Gender Sensitisation: Society, Culture and Change

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The Undergraduate Course on ‘Gender Sensitization: Society, Culture and Change’ aims to address the prevailing notions of gender issues in the society and ways to address the same. It also aims to provide ways to bring about changes in the society by addressing values like equality and equity. Culture, Society and State constructed certain norms, customs and stereotypes to look into women, men and their issues. Due to patriarchal social construction, women are not treated on par with men. Women face challenges to realize their rights, aspirations and potentials. It is important to deconstruct the prevailing patriarchal notions about women, men and other sexualities. Family, Society and State also construct and reinforce roles and responsibilities for men and women. The existing power relations between men and women play an important role in controlling and dominating women. The disciplines of Women’s and Gender Studies and Gender and Development Studies have theoretically addressed these issues. Relationship between men and women, their roles and responsibilities and myths related to other sexualities need to be deconstructed. The Course on “Gender Sensitization: Society, Culture and Change “specifically aims to build understanding of women’s status in our society and identifying ways to address the same. It requires a new understanding of construction of gender to reconstruct ‘gender just society’.