Gender, Family, and Social Change in Contemporary South Korea

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  • The Gendering of Modernity and Military Authoritarianism
    • Broad overview of Korean history and literature beginning in the Joseon period with a particular focus on a series of social and cultural transformations that would have profound impact on the gender relations starting with Confucianism.
  • The (Un)making of the Modern Family
    • Introduction to the strategically gendered division of role in making modern Korean families and contemporary changes in the perception of marriage and family in Korea.
  • Female Beauty / Male Beauty & Body Aesthetics
    • Examine a range of topics including cosmetic surgery to male circumcision and body lines to understand how female and male beauty standards and aesthetics have changed over the past two centuries.
  • Sexuality in Korea
    • Discuss the issues of sexualities in contemporary Korea, ranging from the relationship between family and sexuality, commodified sexuality, to the issues of sexual minorities.
  • Looking Ahead into the Future...
    • Provide an overview of current positive changes in Korea related to gender and discuss impending issues of contemporary feminist movement and comfort women before concluding the lecture series.