Fundamentals of Theoretical and Experimental Aerodynamics

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Week 1:Aerodynamics-relevance and applications ,Atmosphere ∙ Flow velocity, pressure, skin friction ,Generation of aerodynamic forces and moments on an aircraft , Aircraft external shape and surfaces
Week 2:Eulerian and Lagrangian perspectives of flow, Fluid Kinematics, Conservation equations of mass, momentum and energyWeek 3:Inviscid and viscous flows- potential flow, boundary layer, Compressible and incompressible flow, Laminar and turbulent flowWeek 4:Airfoil geometry, Pressure distribution at an angle of attack (α), Aerodynamic centre, centre of pressure, Cl- α, Cl-Cd, Cm-α curves, Flow separation and stall, High lift devices, multi element airfoils, Laminar and turbulent flow over airfoil, Trailing edge noiseWeek 5:Finite wing geometry, Control surfaces on wing, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, Airfoil and finite wing aerodynamics- a comparison, ∙ Delta wing, high angle of attack aerodynamics, Unsteady effects in airfoils and wings- effect of gust, sudden change in angle of attack, Pitch, heave, flapping, leading edge vortex, dynamic stallWeek 6:Full Potential Equation and its application, Shock and expansion wave theory, Supersonic flow past a flat plate, Flow through a converging diverging nozzle, Transonic and supersonic flow past airfoil, Shock wave boundary layer interaction, Shock tube, Preliminary concepts of hypersonic flowWeek 7:Computing aerodynamic flows- main steps and resources, Panel and Vortex Lattice Method, Euler and Navier Stokes equations-IWeek 8:Euler and Navier Stokes equations-II, What information can be extracted from numerical solutions, Applications of computational aerodynamics- few examples
Week 9:Wind Tunnel: experimental tool in Aerodynamics, Types of wind tunnels, Wind Tunnel design basics, Similarity analysis, Scaling of wind tunnel models, Safety issues in wind tunnel handling
Week 10:Flow visualization techniques, Model design and fabrication, Model positioning system, Measurements involving mechanical sensors, Pressure ports, Pitot static tubes, Mechanical balances
Week 11:Measurements involving electronic transducers, Electronic pressure gages, Strain gage based balances, Data Acquisition System and software, Measurement uncertainty
Week 12:Velocity measurement using Particle Image Velocimetry, How wind tunnel and associated instrumentation are used for performing aerodynamic studies- few examples, ∙ Quick revision of course content & doubts clarification