Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising

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  • Introduction to Social Media Advertising
    • In week 1, you will learn why and when you should invest in paid advertising as well as the five components that make up a paid social media ad.
  • Creating Effective Ads on Social Media
    • In week 2, you will learn how to create an effective social media ad both independently and with either an external or internal team.
  • Data, Privacy and Policies on Social Media
    • This week you will learn what data-based advertising is, common data formats, and how data is collected. You will also learn about user privacy, how it is protected, and rules advertisers must adhere to.
  • Getting Started with Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
    • This week you will learn how to build an ad campaign from your Facebook Business Page and how to create a campaign from your Instagram Business Account and in your Instagram Stories.
  • Create a Creative Brief for Your Social Media Ad
    • This week you will be applying all that you have learned in this course by writing a creative brief and producing an ad based on it.